GE MWF Filter Installation Instructions, tips, and video

GE MWF Filter Installation Instructions, Tips and Video

It's time to change your GE MWF refrigerator water filter when the indicator light is on, or if you notice the dispenser light turns red, or you see a slower flow of water coming from the dispenser. 

If your refrigerator doesn't have an indicator light, replace the filter about every six months. 

To locate the filter, look inside the refrigerator in the upper right corner.  

When removing the old filter, you might want to put a towel underneath to catch water coming out. 

Remove the filter by turning it to the left until it releases, ensuring you do not pull down.

To install the new GE MWF water filter, you need to fill it with water, this permits for better water flow and prevents air gaps. 

When the water filter is installed, position the new filter into the filter holder with the arrow on the front of the filter facing out. 

Place the water filter up inside the holder and gently push up and turn until it stops.  Don't force it.

Run about a half gallon water through the new filter to clear any air from the system. 

A little water may initially spurt from the dispenser, so make sure to use an oversized pitcher to gather the water. Also, it's normal to determine a small discoloration of your water during this step. But don't fret, the water will return to its normal color after being dispensed for some minutes. 

If your refrigerator has a reset filter button, press and hold it for 3 seconds to reset it. 

Now you can enjoy fresher, cleaner, filtered water and ice from your GE refrigerator  =))

see GE MWF Filter installation instructions video below...